The Designer Portfolio

build a luxury online presence in an afternoon

A stunning one-page website to help you quickly stand out with a professionally designed portfolio *actually* worthy of the work you create. 

Canva Template - $97
One PageWebsite - $297

Use it as your regular website or as an add-on sales page to send to potential clients.

You know you need a luxury online presence, but your current site (or lack thereof) makes you cringe...

Those dreamy high-end clients are looking for someone who can clearly show them what to expect.

But right now, you have no idea how to present your portfolio, experience, and services in a way that speaks to the needs of a high-end client. 

The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers

Experience-driven businesses see almost two times higher annual growth in customer retention, repeat purchase rates, and customer lifetime value than other organizations.

How much money are you losing with a brand 

that doesn't stand out?

Your average design fee is $5,000

let's say

To make $100,000 per year, you'll need to complete at least 20 projects

let's say

With the average project taking on anywhere from 3 months to several years...

let's say

You'll definitely need to hire a team to handle that volume...

let's say


let's say

You could increase your design fees to $10,000 per project...

let's say

And take half the amount of clients, headaches, vendor issues, emails.......

let's say

If you could work half as much and make 2X more, 

i have to ask...

...would investing $1,000 to set your brand up for success for years to worth it to you?

i have to ask...

Finally scale your interior design business 

Stop attracting low-budget clients

Get clarity on how to present your work online

Take on fewer projects, with bigger budgets

Just imagine if you could


A fully customizable website template for the drag & drop platform Showit (requires Showit subscription). You'll get the website template and all included demo sections. Upload your content, customize everything easily, and go live!


You will be able to download the files directly to your Canva account or Showit account. Then customize anything you want (colors, fonts, text, layout, and photos).

upload to your account


Upon purchase you will receive a either a link to the Canva template or a Showit Share Key.

download immediately


Purchase either a Canva Template or Showit Website Template and choose a payment plan that fits your needs best.

choose your template

Change colors, fonts, layouts, and more! You can truly fit any one of our designs to fit YOUR brand. Every single element can be added, removed, or changed.

And no need to be a designer - Showit is basically the Canva of websites. Easy to use, just drag and drop.

See how easy it is below!

What if I need to change something?

Rosebud & Co. Help Center Access

1:1 Support from Rosebud & Co. and Live Chat via Showit

Custom mobile design

SEO and blogging power of Wordpress

Fully responsive and customizable website template with all sections included in demo

Every Template Includes

Contact Us

Project No. 3

Project No. 2

Project No. 1


Our Approach

Our Team


Owner Bio

Our Story


Included Sections

You'll be sent over links to either Canva or Showit so you can upload into your account.

immediate download

Included pre-written copy and copy prompts for exactly what to say.

copywriting prompts

Short on portfolio work? All the photos you see, you can use!

stock photography

Did somebody say "BONUSE'S?"

Ooo la la

We create products so that interior designers can

our mission


step no. 1

Select Your Website Template

Choose from our growing collection of high converting website templates and client experience solutions built exclusively for interior designers.

shop the collection

step no. 2

Drag And Drop Your Content & Customize For Your Brand

Unlike most platforms, using our templates, you can easily change anything you want — or keep it as is! You'll use our favorite website builder, Showit.

learn showit in under 30 minutes

step no. 3

Launch A Website Worthy Of Your Work

Launch your site in record time so you can get back to business. Our templates are built to work as hard as you do, generating leads and converting clients. Let your website do the heavy lifting for you! 

have questions? reach out! 


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Bundle Both & Save $44



Designer Portfolio
Showit Template


ONE payment of:

Add On The Matching Canva PDF

Purchase today for: $297

A $7,500 Value
Designer quality, designer results, without the designer price

Payment plans available.

Work with our in-house creative team to establish your brand identity, design your logo, and craft a stunning customized website and launch in less than a week. 

let us handle everything

Not a fan of tech or short on time?

Hey, I'm Sarah Rose and I was in your shoes 6 short years ago! But building a luxury brand changed everything for our business...

Once upon a time I was just like YOU! We had tons of testimonials and beautiful work, but we kept attracting the wrong clients. You know the ones, they were only focused on the cost (read: low budget), had a million revisions because they had no idea how to explain what they wanted and WE couldn't figure it out without a process....

All of that changed about 6 years ago when I got fed up. I decided to TRIPLE our prices overnight. We began building a BRAND with a defined look and an ideal client. We updated our website and established a clear process. 

We went from barely scraping by to our first six figure year. The following year we doubled our prices again and we are now booked out for months at a time. (Plus, we've been able to hire employees to help, so I no longer had to do everything by myself.)

Everything changed when I decided to get serious and build a luxury brand. I know this can work for you too!  

Sarah Rose Neri, owner of Sarah Rose Inc. and Rosebud & Co.

The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers
The Designer Portfolio For Interior Designers

Our templates are built on Showit — a powerful drag and drop website builder that is as easy to use (and maintain) as working in Canva. A Showit subscription is required to use our templates, which includes hosting for both your site and blog, use of the software to customize and manage your site, and tech support along the way. Please note that our templates are not compatible with Squarespace, Wix, or other platforms.

What platform can I use this template with?

Showit is a leading web design platform for creative business owners. Showit website templates by Rosebud & Co. — a Showit Design Partner — are completely-customizable templates designed specifically for interior designers who prefer do-it-yourself web design.

Get a FREE month of Showit on us.

What is Showit?

Showit has various subscription levels available based on your needs starting as low as $19/mo (billed yearly). We recommend the middle tier with a blog at $24/mo (billed yearly) as it allows for you to make use of a Wordpress blog design integration.

How much does it cost?

Literally EVERYTHING! No seriously! Our templates are completely customizable! Every element you see within the design can be tailored to your vision specifically for your brand and business. Edit anything you want, or don't and leave it just like it is! Either way, no code, no limits. No weeping into your keyboard. (And no Photoshop or design skills required...)

What can I change about my template?

Whenever possible, we either use free / Google fonts or pre-license custom fonts so you don’t have to. But there are some cases where an additional license is required and that is noted in the installation instructions for each template.

As for the photos, all of our templates featured free stock images that you can keep.

Are the fonts included? What about the photos?

Moving from your current website platform to Showit is a breeze, because Showit manages the process and provides personal assistance as you do so. Here, discover a helpful article from Showit, which shares what you can expect from moving from your current website platform to Showit. 

How do I move from my current website platform to Showit?

Yes! Showit is compatible with a variety of eCommerce systems, all of which are showcased — accompanied by step-by-step directions — here. We recommend Shopify Buy Button, which equips you to use Shopify's powerful eCommerce features and embed your products within your Showit website.

Can I sell products on Showit?

Absolutely! Showit has got you covered when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Managing meta descriptions, page titles, and more is a breeze with Showit's user-friendly features. The best part? Showit seamlessly integrates with WordPress for your blog, allowing you to leverage plugins like Yoast to ensure top-notch SEO for your blog content.

Learn How To Optimize Your Site Here.

Is Showit good for SEO?

Yes! Please explore Rosebud & Co's Customized Website Package — we will update your chosen template with your brand colors, fonts, and imagery in TWO DAYS. 

Or, maybe you'd like to update your full brand identity, logos, colors, fonts AND have us customize your website? Learn more here.

Can you customize the Showit template for me?

You can email us at Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM EST - 4:00 PM EST. We get back to requests within 24-48 business hours. Plus with your purchase, you'll have access to our full tutorial library AND our complete Showit Guidebook inside the Rosebud & Co. Help Center.

Looking for something more immediate? You'll have access to Showit Support via live chat or phone call. Plus, their full knowledge library. 

Visit Showit Support here.

What if I have questions or need help?

still have questions? how can we help?

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Want the TL:DR version?

Elevate your interior design business with our professionally designed Canva PDFs and Showit website templates.


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Bundle Both & Save $44


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Designer Portfolio Showit Website


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Canva PDF

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