With a unique paper-texture background and  minimal, elegant fonts, Onora makes a stunning first impression. If you've wanted a website that transports the viewer and makes them feel something, this is the perfect choice for you.


Website template for interior designers


  • Images curated from Unsplash
  • Luxury Google Font pairings
  • Showit subscription is required
  • Payment plans available in checkout

Payment plans available as low as $45 per month

                    and attract high-end clients with a website worthy of your work.

Stand out

Top Notch Support

We have built an ever growing Help Center and Showit offers Live Chat support right from your dashboard!

Strategic & Versatile

These templates can be used for any business in any industry and built with the same strategies as a custom website.

Complete Control

A true drag-and-drop platform. Edit anything - colors, fonts, layouts... and no code (or heartache) required.

your website DOESN'T have to be overwhelming

You'll be sent over links to either Canva or Showit so you can upload into your account.

immediate download

Included pre-written copy and copy prompts for exactly what to say.

copywriting prompts

Short on portfolio work? All the photos you see, you can use!

stock photography

Did somebody say "BONUSE'S?"

Ooo la la


You will be able to download the files directly to your Canva account or Showit account. Then customize anything you want (colors, fonts, text, layout, and photos).

upload to your account


Upon purchase you will receive a either a link to the Canva template or a Showit Share Key.

download immediately


Purchase either a Canva Template or Showit Website Template and choose a payment plan that fits your needs best.

choose your template

Change colors, fonts, layouts, and more! You can truly fit any one of our designs to fit YOUR brand. Every single element can be added, removed, or changed.

And no need to be a designer - Showit is basically the Canva of websites. Easy to use, just drag and drop.

See how easy it is below!

What if I need to change something?

We create products so that interior designers can

our mission


step no. 1

Select Your Website Template

Choose from our growing collection of high converting website templates and client experience solutions built exclusively for interior designers.

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step no. 2

Drag And Drop Your Content & Customize For Your Brand

Unlike most platforms, using our templates, you can easily change anything you want — or keep it as is! You'll use our favorite website builder, Showit.

learn showit in under 30 minutes

step no. 3

Launch A Website Worthy Of Your Work

Launch your site in record time so you can get back to business. Our templates are built to work as hard as you do, generating leads and converting clients. Let your website do the heavy lifting for you! 

have questions? reach out! 

Payment plans available.

Work with our in-house creative team to establish your brand identity, design your logo, and craft a stunning customized website and launch in less than a week. 

let us handle everything

Not a fan of tech or short on time?

Hey, I'm Sarah Rose and I was in your shoes 6 short years ago! But building a luxury brand changed everything for our business...

Once upon a time I was just like YOU! We had tons of testimonials and beautiful work, but we kept attracting the wrong clients. You know the ones, they were only focused on the cost (read: low budget), had a million revisions because they had no idea how to explain what they wanted and WE couldn't figure it out without a process....

All of that changed about 6 years ago when I got fed up. I decided to TRIPLE our prices overnight. We began building a BRAND with a defined look and an ideal client. We updated our website and established a clear process. 

We went from barely scraping by to our first six figure year. The following year we doubled our prices again and we are now booked out for months at a time. (Plus, we've been able to hire employees to help, so I no longer had to do everything by myself.)

Everything changed when I decided to get serious and build a luxury brand. I know this can work for you too!  

Sarah Rose Neri, owner of Sarah Rose Inc. and Rosebud & Co.

Showit is an easy to use, drag and drop website builder. You can easily customize, tweak or revamp any of our website templates at the click of a button. 

Showit integrates with Wordpress, packing a huge punch in website design and SEO capabilities.

The sky is the limit!

You will need your own custom domain and at a minimum, a trial of Showit 5 setup. In order to launch your site, you will need to upgrade to a monthly Showit subscription.

Showit has various subscription levels available based on your needs starting as low as $19/mo (billed yearly). We recommend the middle tier with a blog at $24/mo (billed yearly) as it allows for you to make use of our all-in-one Wordpress blog design integration.

Yes! We have used many different platforms over the past 10 years and there was no question that Showit is the best option for our clients. 
Our number one priority is making sure that you can make edits and adjustments without being dependent on a designer - afterall, your website is your greatest business tool, you should have complete control. You can easily get your website setup, make updates and manage everything yourself. 
You have complete design control integrated with the power of Wordpress. #win

Absolutely! You can even add in keywords, image descriptions and links to better optimize your site for search engines.

Yes! You can customize every single part of your site design. If you have specific questions or get stuck, just reach out to us and we can point you in the right direction.

No worries, we got you! If you have design related issues we usually respond to emails within 24-36 hours. For technical support, you can contact the Showit developers directly to troubleshoot anything complicated. Either way, you can always reach out to us and we are happy to take a look first!

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